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Cricket World Cup 2011 Final : India vs Srilanka ~ An Astrological Analysis

Cricket World Cup 2011 Final, India vs Srilanka, is going to be played on Saturday, 2nd April 2011, in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

match on 2nd April 2011 Saturday

Querry asked on 31 march 2011 22:45
Honary No. 25

India : lagna Taurus is placed in 10th house indicating work accomplished
6th lord venus also in 10th
3rd lord in 10th
11th lord in 11th
Yogakaraka saturn in 5th

Indicating victory for india

Srilanka : lagna scorpio mars in 5th
Mars is 6th lord too in 5th
Mars is with sun and Jupiter favouring srilanka
This combination is aspected by Saturn not favour lagna mars
Saturn is enemy of sun and mars
11th lord goes to 6th
3rd lord goes to 11th

India : lagna sublord Saturn which is favourable to lagna lord
Placed in 5th
three planets in labha house good
Saturn in the nak of moon and sub ketu
Moon in 10th lord of 3rd and ketu here represent lagna lord placed in 10th
6th house sublord is mars good in 11th also good mars in the nakshatra of yogakaraka Saturn in 5th lord of 10th and 11th
mars with bhagyesh which is srilanka 6th lord placed in 12th to it

Confirming victory of india

Srilanka lagna sublord rahu represent mars in 5th with Jupiter and 11th lord not bad
But 6th lord goes to 12th not good
This combination aspected by Saturn not good

Indias labha house more rich then lanka

Lanka 6th had debilitated mercury not good
Rahu in the nak of ketu and sub venus
Ketu in 8th and represent venus opposition

Rahu ketu position also made the fight very challenging

So we should thankful Saturn and venus who made the results in favour of India

Also mars Jupiter sun, as they were placed favourably

victory wont be easy
Srilanka is likely to play aggressively against India
very tuff and challenging as both have equal strenght
this time luck will follow India
more chances for India to win

best of luck India

Congrates to all

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