Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cricket Match in Mohali between India vs Pakistan ~ An Astrological Analysis

match on 30/03/2011 Wednesday
Querry asked on 25 march 2011 16:45
Honary No. 36

India lagna is Taurus with venus in 10th
venus is 6th lord too in 10th it is good favouring India
10th lord Saturn in 5th aspecting 11th being yogakaraka its good assuring victory

7th has moon in debilitation not good for opposition (PAK)
Mars in 10th mars is 6th lord too not good
11th lord gone for debilitation

With kp system

India : Lagna sublord venus in 9th it is lagna and 6th lord too in the nakshatra of mars in 10th in self sub signifying 1,6,7,12,9,10,11
6th sublord mercury in 11th it is 2nd and 5th lord self nak and sat sub signifying 2,5,11,9,10
Both lagna and 6th sublord signifying victory for India

Opposition (PAK)
lagna sublord venus in 3rd in mar nak 1,6,4 in venus sub signifying 3,7,12,1,6,4
12th sub is also venus
So not signifying any victory

Moon with rahu proved bad for Pak
Lagna lord favoured india to win

match will be full of tension, suspense, both will be there with full fighting spirit
chances of any conspiracy against India
Match is going to be very challenging

chances are more for India to win


  1. india surely won the match because sachin is the god of cricket.we all pray for his excellent bating.we love sachin toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  2. good ur reading further come to true

    bahut badeya

  3. Whats your take for finals.MyHonary number is 10 for the match

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