Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cricket Match between India and Australia ~ An Astrological Analysis

World Cup -- Cricket Match between India and Australia ~ An Astrological Analysis

Question asked me "who will be win today match according to astrologer"
Horary No. 119

24 march 2011 14:10

lagna lord mercury in kendra in its debilitated sign aspecting lagna, being in its own nakshatra not bad in favor of india
sublord venus in 5th lord of 2nd and 9th in mars nakshatra 3rd lord and 8th is placed in 6th so india withfull of energy going to play match against
6th lord saturn in lagna in friendly sign while mars sun in 6th indicating india is in full mood to fight the match with winning spirit
this combination also include jupiter which is also not bad
6th house sublord is also saturn

7th lord jupiter in 12th to 7th indicating loss of australia
7th sublord venus in 11th lord of 3,8 in mars nakshatra in 12th lord of 2,9 so today luck will not favour victory
6th lord for australia goes to 12th not favoring victory
6th house sublord is saturn place in enemy house

My Prediction regarding todays match ......
India will win the match


  1. Who will win the Match in Semi Ind or Pak?

  2. Yes give a fast prediction about INDIA n Pak match

  3. Dr. Anjana,
    As others also said, please predict for Indo-Pak match also..

  4. Why are you not forecasting India-Pakistan Match???


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