Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vedic Panchang

Vedic Panchang for 26th August 2010 :
Bhadra Maas, Krishna Paksha
Yoga~Sukarma upto 9:11:21 then Dhriti starts,
Karan~Taitila upto 14:13:05 then Garija starts,
Sun Rise at 05:59:48

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  1. Anjana Ji, that is an excellent article on Panchak phenomenon. I have often wondered at the reasons behind it. On their own all the Nakshatras from Dhanishth to Revati are very successful Nakshatra and produce intellectual and spiritual people who make society a better place to live. Why should then the events occurring when Moon is traversing this portion of Zodiac be inauspicious.
    It is something like another question I ask my self. How is the grouping of Food that can be eaten during Navratra fasts has been done? Guess we shall never know.