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Remedies of KaalSarpa Yoga

Remedies of KaalSarpa Yoga

Persons having Kaal Sarpa Yoga should arrange for remedies so that lucky planets of the horoscope could render favorable results. Kaal Sarpa Yoga is not as horrible as it is painted to be. It can be remedied in most cases. Kaal Sarpa Yoga is an evil yoga like many other evil yogas but there may be nothing to worry about it since it does not hinder to raise the Many famous and successful people with Kaal Sarpa Yoga in their birth charts many of our National movement Leaders and also World's pouplar leaders., e.g. Jawaharlal Nehru, Sachin Tendulkar, George W. Bush, Nelson Mandela, Mrs Parker Camilla Bowel, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, King Edward VII, Margaret Thacher, Benito Mussolini etc. Kala Sarpa dosha is generally believed that one of the karmic dosha that may run across the generations. The best example to the best of knowledge is Jawahar Lal Nehru's family that we witnessed. A combination of remedies can be followed to mitigate the evil effects of Kaalsarpa Yoga :

1. Perform Kaalsarpa Dosha Nivaran Pooja/Tripindi Puja/Narayana Nagbali at a plcae where the god SHIVA temple is SWAYAMBHU(i.e.the shivalinga was naturally found,say coming out of earth etc.). In Maharashtra it is done at Tryambakeshwar near Nasik.
2. Establish energized Kaal Sarp Yantra in their house and worship it regularly.
3. Recite "Om Namah Shivay" daily.
4. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.
5. Perform puja on NaagPanchmi
6. Wear a kalsarpa ring. Shaped like a snake.
7. Recite daily Rahu Kavach, Stotra
8. Recite Nav Nag stotra daily for one year.
9. Wear Nagpaash Yantra at an auspicious time after recitation of mantras.
10. Donate agate, gold, lead, til (sesame) mustard, blue clothes etc.ers, sword, blankets, horse etc from time to time.
11. Worship Shiva Linga adorned with a snake, made of Silver, on Maha Shivaratri day. Complete the recitation of the Shiva Panchakshari mantra 'Om Namah Shivaya' 1,25,000 times, before Maha Shivaratri every year.
12. Perform abhishek for Lord Shiva on Pradosha days.
13. Recite mantras of Lord Bhairon 1,25,000 times.
14. Wash away a pair of snakes made of Iron or Bronze in a river.
15. Wear Gomed and Cat’s eye gemstones.
16. Wear a kalsarpa ring. Shaped like a snake.

Om Tat Sat

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  1. what about ASHLESHA BALI what do it mean

  2. Ashlesha bali To overcome the problem of Sarpa dosha and troubles caused Sookta Homa by Rahu to various planets signifying various facets of life. It is called Ashlesha bali as it has to be performed on Ashlesha Nakshatra. If performed on other days it has no power.

  3. What if kaal dosha is combined with bhakoot doshs in a horoscope?

  4. Jai Hanuman. Reading hanuman chalisa in Morning times give you good results.Read hanuman chalisa atleast twicea day.