Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zodiac Compatibility with Libra

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. ~William Shakespeare


Libra —Libra :relationship is very good
Libra —Scorpio :avoid this match, there can be differences
Libra —Sagittarius:relationship has great potential
Libra —Capricorn:match favourable
Libra —Aquarius:relationship agreeable with some tolerance
Libra —Pisces :better to avoid involvement
Libra —Aries :match is promising
Libra —Taurus :relationship may be good only if both accept each other as they are
Libra —Gemini :match is compatible
Libra —Cancer :relationship doesn't have good potential
Libra —Leo :relation is better for friendship
Libra —Virgo :match compatible with some tolerance


  1. Libra —Virgo :match not compatible ????
    plz revise it once again.....

  2. this is not final result about match making..other things also need to consider

  3. If you remember, when Sirius, Tonks, Lupin, etc came in - their smoke was white. So I think it shows us good vs. evil by using the smoke color.

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