Saturday, February 20, 2010

Predictions: Budget of India (Fiscal year 2010-2011)

Finance Minister Pranab Muhkerjee will be presenting budget on 26th Feb 2010. All eyes will be on this because common man has been feeling under the pressure of high price rise.

If we see astrologically on 26th February 2010 transit Sun, Jupiter, Venues and Mercury will be in 10th house of India’s horoscope which will be good and profitable for telecommunications, power, higher education, woman education, real estate, media and banking. Transit Moon will be in Gemini and retro Mars in Cancer inspected by Jupiter indicating expenditure increase on defense & security. Transit Saturn will be retro in Virgo aspect Moon indicating senior citizens will get some relief, agriculture sector will be the highlight of the session, and pharmaceutical industry will be given incentives.

Numerogically on 26th February, 2 represent Moon, 6 represent Venus, 8 number represent Saturn which represent metal, mining, agriculture, oil & gas, cement, infrastructure, chemical, higher technical education, tourism, art and culture etc. Saturn is yogakaraka in horoscope of India placed in 3rd house, transit Saturn also placed in 3rd house from Moon indicating some growth in these sectors. There will be policy to open new higher technical education institutions.

Year 2010 represent Jupiter. Jupiter will be in close conjunction with Venus and Mercury represent increase in foreign investment, more facilities to education sector, women empowerment.

As per financial astrology major expectations from budget 2010-11 are as under:

• This will be employment oriented and investment seeking budget.
• It wont be more positive in favour of aam admi.
• Expenditure increase on Defense & Security.
• Facilities will be provided for rural infrastructure.
• Private sector will be made more stronger.
• Expenditure on education must be increase it will be further costly.
• There will be no change in the food prices.
• Electronic items like cellphones, computers, television will be more costly .
• Some more services will be taken under services tax.
• Relaxations in income tax rebate.
• There will be some rollback after budget.
• Sugar price will increase more.
• Prices of essential commodities will increase.
• Cold storages will make more profits.
• Foreign investment will increase.
• There will be some policies to promote exports.
• Subsidies are expected for Oil and Fertilizer Companies.
• There will be package to increase/develop tourism industry.
• Senior citizens may also be given some relief.
• Facilities in hospitals will be increase, some new medical facilities in remote areas.
• There will be some more taxes on rich/super rich.
• Rural education facilities will be enhanced.
• It will be balance budget overall.

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