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Sun enters in Aquarius on February 13th, 2011 : Affects on all Sign

Sun enters in Aquarius on February 13th, 2011, and stays in this sign until March 14th, 2011. The Sun represents our vitality, potential, ego and conscious will. In Aquarius, the Sun is idealistic, experimental, forward-thinking and a humanitarian. At best, the Sun in Aquarius is friendly, socially aware, civic-minded, advocates change for the greater good, and an intellectual. At worst, a risk-taker at any cost, abrupt, unpredictable, and unable to develop a sound plan to successfully carry out objectives. The Zodiac Sign Aquarius is associated with future and progress. Aquarius means advancement towards tomorrow, towards an acceptance of change. While the Sun is in Aquarius, we are reminded that our situations are changeable. We do not need to stay in a situation that no longer challenges us or gives us happiness. See how this transit affects each zodiac sign below.

(check the influence of Sun with reference to the Birth Sign)


For Aries Sun will be in Labha bhava will give you very good results. You will get social recognition and your social status will have positive rise. Govt., Friends all will favors you.


Sun will be in 10th house which is your Karma sthana. Here it will give you good results regarding your career, relations with father, for the people in govt. job will get good results. But matters related to property can be delayed.


Sun will be in 9th house for Gemini sign. It will give good results regarding matters related to Government, elders and your Respected Guru. You need to be take care your relations with your siblings.


People having Cancer as moonsign may not get good results from this transit of Sun in Aquarius. They need to take care of health specially eyes, their work related to Government may get delayed.


Sun will be in 7th house for Leos will get medium effect of this transit. They may get more aggressive, hot minded or high headed which can create problems in married life or with business partner. Health can also get disturbed.


Virgos will get very good results during this time period as Sun will be in 6th house of enemy, diseases and debt etc. You will get success in matters related to health and loans and their work related to Government get done.


Sun will transit in 5th house for Libra. It will give medium results here. It may give some tensions or problems with children, disappointment in love relations and some health problems related to stomach.


Sun will be in 4th house for Scorpians. Sun here may give bad effects. Matter related to property, vehicle can be delayed. Relations with Father, Boss can be suffered.


Sun will be in 3rd house will give you very good results. Will get success in all ventures. Valor will increase. Relations with brothers and sisters will be good.


Sun will be in dhana and kutumba sthana for Capricorns, may give medium results. Relations with family members may get affected due to your aggressive nature. You need to control your tounge. Need to take care of your eyes too.


Sun will be on your moonsign will give you medium results. Your health will improve. But your temper may be hot which can create problems in your married life and with business partner.


Sun will transit in your 12th house may give you some bad effects regarding health. It can also indulge you in court cases.

Om Tat Sat

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