Sunday, October 10, 2010

Karnataka CM Mr.Yedyurappa will win trust motion ~ An Astrological Analysis

Karnataka CM Mr.Yedyurappa will win trust motion and save his govt.

if check astrologically with jupiter benefic points for Virgo month Karnataka CM lagna has 6 points while opposition lagna has only 3 points. lagna lord is placed in 2nd house while opposition lagna lord is placed in 8th house this position not favourable for opposition. Karnataka CM 10th house has 5 point while 11th house has 6 points, 6th house is also strong with 6 points favouring Karnataka CM to win trust motion. Now check oposition 10th house has 6 pints which is good but 11th house has only 4 points not going to give success to opposition moreover opposition 6th house has only 3 points.

So astrologically Karnataka CM Mr.Yedyurappa will be able to win trust motion.


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  2. Grrt...i m so happy to know that you so crrectly predicted..and that too you explained it so logiocally...congrats once again...

  3. Please He is Rich Person...He is chief minister.. He earned More in the Past...He may DISMISSED IN ONE OR TWO DAYS.. So please Tell me My Forecasting...I am very Poor.. I am counting my ages, days..