Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Astrological Analysis of Ayodhya Verdict ~ 30th September 2010

Ayodhya Verdict will be in favour of Ram Mandir but Babri Maszid wont be ignored and Hindu again go for higher court (have to fight in higher court) for clear verdict in favour of Ram Mandir...overall there will be no clear decision at all. These predictions are made on the basis of transit (gochar) position of planets on Thursday 30th September, 2010.

Lagna lord Saturn well placed in dharma house with dharma lord aspected by natural karaka for dharma no doubt dharma will win (decision will be in favour of Ram Mandir) but Mercury is 6th lord and Saturn with Sun which is 8th (Non Dharma) lord indicating no clear verdict or more efforts are required as Sun and Saturn combination creates conflicts situation also indicating nobody is goin to win (try to pacify both).

Moon in 6th house house of enemy, disease with ketu indicating critical issue (non-solving/disease cant be diagnose, cant be cure) and 6th lord is in 9th house with Saturn and Sun indicating conflicts between darma and nondharma Saturn indicate severity of disease (conflicts) moreover natural karaka for dharma retrograde and aspecting house of dharma, not able to give clear solution in favour of Dahrma (Hindu/Ram janam Bhoomi).

Dasha is Mars and Bhukti is Venus. Mars is placed with yogakaraka Venus aspected by Ketu again indicating no clear verdict will be there. Venus is strong as forming good yoga Mars also getting sthanbala but Mars and Venus combination not considered good. Moreover Both are in the nakshatra of Rahu placed in 12th house indicating verdict will be influenced by the forces active out of country/foreign govt. As Antara will be Jupiter then he is not in position to take any clear decision, will try to pacify both.

Om Tat Sat


  1. let us see what is in store.

  2. I fill your Pridict is Most of perfact

  3. Excellent !! Congratulations!

    How is the future regarding building the Ram temple? Will it ever be built within the next (say)decade or two?

    Will this case go to SC? And if it goes there will they uphold the HC verdict on Ayodhya?

    Is there a chance of a compromise / understanding being arrived at between the warring parties?

    It will be interesting if you can enlighten us (astrologically) on this very important question.

    Thank you

  4. what will suprim court says, when ram mandir start to buld ?

  5. Amazing. Congratulations on an astrological analysis that was just perfect!


  6. u r really a magician!!!!!!!!!!!! u pridict so perfect mam!!!!!!!!!!!!

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