Monday, January 18, 2010

Nadi Dosh

Nadi Dosh

Nadi literally means pulse controls the health and life aspect of a human. Nadi in astrology means one of the eight Ashta that are used to calculate your compatibility with your partner. There are three different Nadis Adhya (start), Madhya (middle) and Antya (end) represent "Prakriti" of an individual Vaat , Pita & Kapah respectively. In this regard, Nakshatras are grouped under Vaata, Pitta or Sleshma (Kapha) Nadi.

1) Adhya Nadi : People born in Ashwani , Ardhra , Punarvasu , Uttaraphalguni , Hasta , Jyeshta , Moola , Satabisha & Poorvabhadrapada have Adi Nadi .

2) Madhya Nadi : People born in Bharani , Mrigasira , Pushya , Poorvaphalguni , Chitra , Anuradha , Poorvashadha , Dhanshita & Uttarabhadrapada have Madhya Nadi .

3) Antya Nadi : People born in Kritika , Rohini , Aslesha , Magha , Swati , Vishakha , Uttarashadha , Sravana & Revati Nakshtras have Antya Nadi .

Nadi is one of the important Kootas in matching making for the purpose of marriage in Vedic Astrology . Nadi Koota indicate whether the couple's ethereal vibrations will compliment each other or not. While matching horoscopes both of the partners should not have same nadis. When they have same nadis they have nadi dosha and this is not considered good for health and progeny point of view. It can cause health problems, ailments, affect life and longevity.

There is no cancellation of nadi dosha. But if the partners have same constellation but born in the different quadrant of that constellation than there is possibility of marriage.


  1. if bride and groom have different stars and different quadrant's to each other what happens,
    so If dosha is there still bride and groom like each other any remedies for nadi dosha before marirage or after marriage, like manglik can marry krishna and then groom. Remedies may work or not but we can give try.

  2. kiran kaur 23/9/1986 11:15 pm delhi india
    pushpinder singh 7/8/1988 2:45 pm delhi india

    ek tuo main maglik hoon aur nadi o hai matchmaking main. kya theek hai life ke liya marriage

  3. Thanks a lot, this is really very usefull point.

  4. Bride & groom are love each other & When matchmatching time Both r found same nadi than what will they do.
    Will there any effect on their marriage life? R there any scientific reason?

  5. sir,
    if the bride and groom have both nadis as madhya and the points are 0.then what does this indicate?? how will be their health in future?

  6. You made this type of fascinating piece to peruse, giving each subject illumination for us to grab learning. A debt of gratitude is in order for imparting the such data to us to peruse thisnadi Dosha